The idea for On The Lean came about when three friends were on a sailing trip, from Marblehead to Martha’s Vineyard, a few years back. Are you familiar with the Figawi Race? So much fun! We were heading down the Canal, tossing around ideas for a business, along with a few beers. We all had an insane passion for sailing, racing, fishing, diving, and yes, even motor boating. On occasion, but not a lot!

We all agreed it would be a sailing centric business in order to keep us engaged, as most of us have ADD….. So ya, sailing would do that. As for a business names, first came “Get your lean on.” Then “Life on the lean.” Then living life on the lean,” or “Loving life on the lean.” You would think we would talk about products to sell, but no, we wanted the name first. Then the ADD faded, and we shortened it to “On The Lean,” and that stuck. It’s relatable, said any which way. When said out loud, no matter how it’s said, it’s all about a lifestyle:

On The Lean… It’s not just a lifestyle, it’s a state of mind

Way back when, just before graduating from high school, I felt that I needed more discipline, and not college (yet), so my new home became the US Navy. I served onboard a fast attack submarine, USS Baltimore, SSN-704.  Because this was a sub, we really didn’t get to see much of the world. But we did some really cool sh!t. This was the first chapter of “On the Lean.”

And now, here we are … Loving life on the lean!