About Us

Growing up in a family of six, my Dad thought it was important that we all learn how to sail, whether we liked it or not. Then we were taught to race little 12-foot wooden Turnabouts. My introduction to sailing after a few short lessons; my Dad drops me in the boat, shoves it off the pier, and he yells “SAIL KID.” Though we were told to sail under duress, I quickly began to love it. We lived by Logan airport in Boston. We would race out to the edge of the runway, to catch the jet wash as the plans took off.  BOOM, capsized instantly. Such fun in those early daze!

While in junior high and high school, we were, one by one, growing up and forced to crew for his racing addiction.  All escaped by the age of 18.  I also to help him build out boats, where he only bought the fiberglass deck and hull, and we fitted out the rest. Just before graduating from high school, my Dad told me one day, you either go to college or you are going to need to find another place to live.  I knew that my life needed discipline, and college then would be a waste of money. My next place to live was in joining the US Navy. I served on the USS Baltimore, SSN-704 for 4 years.  Because this was a submarine, usually on special ops, we really didn’t get to see much of the world.  I visited three ports in 4 years. Never the less, we did some pretty hairy, exciting stuff!

Fast forward 15 years, finally completed college, and at last, bought my own sailboat. I went form a Catalina 22, to a Cat 27. Then to an Ericson 32. That boat got totaled twice. I bought it back from the insurance company both times for short money and rebuilt it.  The last storm in that boat, and a Catalina 36 washed up with mine. The crane that tried to pick it up off the beach, ended up cracking the keel, and that totaled the other guys boat.  I bought it off his insurance company for $2400.  He had it on the market a week before for $49,000! I put about $5K into it and it’s as good as new! That’s where we are at today. It’s a fun and roomy boat, but...

One day my wife and I aspire to get a 45+ foot boat and shove off for distant lands. You know, all the warm places. I hope that all of you, your friends, and your family, thoroughly enjoy getting out in the wind as much as we do.  As our tag-line goes; It’s not just a lifestyle, but a state of mind… And as far as what kind of boat you have, or want to get, do worry too much. It’s all about whatever gets you into that wind.

This is us in our current ride, a 1986 Catalina 36.